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Perron Marketing Group is an esteemed digital marketing and website design company in Toronto, Canada.

Looking for First-Class Web Design in Toronto, Canada?

Looking for First-Class Web Design in Toronto, Canada?

Websites matter! Your website sets the tone for your customer's interaction with your company. An impressive site with clear messaging, simple navigation, engaging content, and a seamless user experience builds immediate credibility and trust.

Every visit to your site should encourage people to learn more, contact you, or take advantage of a call to action. That's where we come in. Contact us today to learn more about effective Toronto web design.

Our Custom Web Design Services in Toronto

We have developed an effective web design framework to align your online presence with your brand and target audience. Our talented local team has decades of experience with web design in Toronto, Canada. We use a combination of the latest trends with proven techniques to ensure your custom website hits the mark.

Site Structure

During the discovery session, our team will map out a site structure and navigation to match your priorities and goals. With a website from Perron Marketing, your visitors will never struggle trying to figure out where to go next, thanks to user flows optimized specifically for your website.

Stunning Visuals

Our aesthetically stunning visuals combine clever color palettes, font choices, and a balanced yet compelling use of images and graphics tailored to your business. Optimal use of white space allows key messages to be seen at the right moment.

Optimized for Speed

Optimized code and compressed image files guarantee the fastest possible page loading speeds. This is crucial because nowadays nobody sticks around to struggle with a slow loading site.

Cutting-Edge SEO

We understand SEO. The best practices honed specifically for Toronto companies can organically lift you higher in local and national search results. Improved visibility directly correlates to increased traffic and leads.

Reliable and Safe

We understand website security and our uncompromising protections proactively safeguard your entire website from malicious attacks and nefarious tactics. No need to worry about your site getting hacked or reliability.

User-Friendly CMS

An intuitive backend built on our time-tested content management system (CMS) can dramatically simplify the process for your team. Just log in and edit whatever you like.

Responsive Design

Modern, responsive design ensures your website looks phenomenal whether it's seen on a desktop, smartphone or tablet. No more pinching or awkward scrolls. Our dynamic information architecture adapts to the smaller touch screens your customers reach for hundreds of times per day, without them having to zoom to see anything.

Client Engagement

When a potential customer visits your website, you need to offer them plenty of opportunities to subscribe or connect with compelling offers. Our clever placement of CTAs and tactical lead generation throughout your site can help capture more customer contacts and increase revenue growth.

How Our Process Works

We have devised an effective process for business web design in Toronto. Here's a rundown of how it works:

Step One: Initial Consultation

Step One: Initial Consultation

We will learn about your business, target market, goals, and functionality requirements during your initial consultation. Once we have the details, we can map out the stages of your web design and tell you how much it will cost.

Step Two: Website Strategy

Step Two: Website Strategy

Next, we take the information from your initial consultation and create a detailed proposal and site mock-ups. When we've completed the strategy and website plan, it's passed to you for approval.

Step Three: Web Development

Step Three: Web Development

Now comes the development phase; this is when we create and optimize your website. When the front and backend website development is finished, we will review everything with you on the test server to ensure you're happy.

Step Four: Site Launch

Step Four: Site Launch

The final step is to duplicate your completed website on the live server. We offer a hands-free website service that includes ongoing updates, security checks, site maintenance, and SEO.

Our Customers Say it Best

Don't just take our word for how good we are. Read what our Toronto, ON, customers say about the website services we offer.

  • Alex Zeidel

    President of The Owl

    "Business was doing great but I felt that we were not reaching our full online potential. We were getting close to no online traffic and our main source of revenue was very social media based. That’s when I received a call from The Perron Marketing Group and they explained to me that my company can most definitely make my mark in the industry and from there on I have seen nothing but a good return on my investment. My contract is done in one month with them and I will definitely be renewing it."

Web Design and Development Costs

Web Design and Development Costs

Our web design and development services are competitively priced. Whatever you envision for your business website, we will work with you to develop the ideal solution for your needs and budget.

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