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Custom Web Development

A whole team of developers on your side ready to deliver a fully custom website built just for your needs. Not only are our websites beautiful to look at (interlink our success page), they are specifically built to convert and provide an amazing user experience. From event companies, to e-commerce, we have you covered as our developers have over 10, 000 combined projects under their belt.

Head of Web Development

Meet Jeremy Gold the head of web development at The Perron Marketing Group Ltd. Jeremy is involved and oversees all web redesign and development projects. Jeremy has been working with us for quite some time now and has demonstrated his talents through the customer satisfaction of our clients.

A photo of Jeremy Gold, our head web developer. He has years of experience with designing websites that are user friendly and search engine friendly. At the perron marketing group we offer cheap websites and expensive websites, we can accommodate any client that comes our way |perron marketing group

About Jeremy

Jeremy Gold is an experienced web designer and developer with a wealth of knowledge and years of experience. His passion for creating beautiful websites started at a young age, and his college studies from PDHT (Graphic and Web Design Program) to Marketing from Concordia gave him the necessary training to bring clients’ visions alive.

With the combination of technical skill, specialized subject matter expertise, and consummate customer service, Jeremy helps businesses create custom mobile responsive websites that drive growth objectives while creating powerful user experiences. From custom mobile responsive designs to effective website marketing strategies, Jeremy’s vision is to help as many people as possible attain success online through modern design practices and powerful user experiences.

Expert developer : empowering your digital vision with proficient and innovative solutions | Jeremy Gold | Perron Marketing Group

How We Make Your Website

A step-by-step process on we make your website and deliver you a perfect custom website. We use WordPress and have experience with e-commerce website, service business websites and many more industries.

Step 1

You book a quick meeting with us

Step 2

We talk about your goals and visions

Step 3

Answer our survey to better understand your visions

Step 4

Create some mockups to see which one best fits your taste

Step 5

We build your website so you're ready to crush it


SEO and web development

Not only do we offer web design and development services, we also offer full search engine optimization services to ensure that your website can actually reach the people it needs to reach.

We offer a very enticing discount on our web services if you take one of our SEO packages .

SEO-infused Web Design : uniting the power of search engine optimization and stunning design | amplify your online presence, user experience, and conversion rates |perron marketing group Ltd

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Seamless Web design process: from vison to reality | Collaborative ideation, expert development, and engaging user experience.

Web Development Services Made Easy

We prioritize our clients' vision over everything and we take pride in the fact that YOU are in control of your website. Not only do we prioritize your control, security is a very big priority of ours as well.

At The Perron Marketing Group Ltd we take the necessary steps to always ensure site security. We have many developers always making sure your site is up to date on security even after you're done doing business with us. Good business is the only way to do business here with our team.

Landing Pages

Landing pages can play a crucial role when it comes to special events, limited time offers, promotions, etc. We provide very high quality and high converting landing pages that are guaranteed to impress your customers.

Not only do we create astounding landing pages, we can also help you come up with the best strategies to maximize the potential of these landing pages. This is done through social media strategies on how to get your clients from instagram all the way over to your website, strategic SEO friendly blog posts, captivating newsletters, and more.

Crafted to perfection: impactful landing pages designed to convert visitors into loyal customers | compelling call to action, high-converting design and tailored content. Elevate your brand’s online presence and drive business success


  • Jordan Albert

    Vice President of Better Thoughts

    "Working with the Perron Marketing Group Ltd was very easy and professional as the team is very easy to reach and communicate with. They built us a 25 page website for our company and it was excellent. They were able to rebuild our website in a timely manner and I was very satisfied with the outcome. Highly recommend doing business with them."

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